Today, access to and fluency in the latest technology is the great equalizer—particularly for our ECE providers working with families that use technology in every facet of their lives. That’s why we offer affordable technology services to help you integrate technology into your curriculum in appropriate ways, utilize the Internet for teacher education and planning, and leverage technology to make the business side of your program run as efficiently as possible.

Our technology services include:

  • Email setup
  • Internet setup
  • Software training
  • Technology upgrades
  • Discounted software
  • Discounted computers
  • Cloud Based Solutions
  • Child Management Solutions
  • Smart Phone and Tablet Support

Our Computing Solutions service also offers Cloud Based Solutions to your business needs. Access your files from anywhere on your computer, tablet or smart phone. Many nonprofits qualify for FREE licenses!

Get started right now with your FREE Technology Assessment. Let us come to you and help you make sense of the technology you currently have and help you create goals for the future. We can provide you a written Technology Plan you can use for budget and grant planning! From there you can prioritize your needs and stay within your budget!

Contact John Troncale for your FREE Technology Assessment today!