Individual Donors


Our Individual Donors

We envision a world where all children have access to the highest quality care and education. The work we do advances that vision. We hope you will join us in its fulfillment by lending your support.


You can join these individuals* who have made a difference through First Up!

*These donors reflect contributions given during 2019 and 2020. This list will be updated on a quarterly basis.

Adina and Richard Austin

Daniel and Marcy Bacine

Christie Balka

Flora Barth Wolf

Patti Baxter

Kim Benjet

Cheryl and Richard Binswanger

Pamela Blewitt

Joanne Bursich

Mary Ann Bursich-Raden

Kevin Cafferkey

Susan and Cummins Catherwood

Robert Chiaravalloti

Kathy Christiano

Michael Cianchetta

Greg Cirillo

David Cohen

David Copas

Cherie Crosby

Geraldine DiLisi

Sharon Easterling

Margaret Feld

Sharla Feldscher

Karen and Jeffrey Freedman

Nicholas Gianaris

Sarah Glasheen

Amy Goldman

Mary E. Graham

Deb Green

Shelley Greenbaum

Jody Greenblatt

Terry Grier

Nancy Grossman

Carole Haas Gravagno

Janet Haas, MD

Andrea Heberlein

Kathy Hirsh-Pasek

Mary Ann Hood

Deborah Hoppy

Katherine Hylinski

Cathy Kaufman

J.S. Kaufman

Steven King

Mary and Justin Klein

Karen Kulp

Alice Lindenauer

Fred Lokoff

Jamie Lokoff

Steven C. Lokoff

Maddy Malis

Richard Marks

Andrew Martin

Barbara Mattson

Joan McCarthy

Adrienne McKinney

Jacki Metzler

Jill and Andrew Michal

Brian Miner

Ned Montgomery

Jennie Nemroff

Sam Nemroff

Joshua Nieves-Nazario

Hedra Packman

Donald Paterson

Tony B Pennoni

Martha Phan

Nicholas Piccone

Jennifer Plummer-Davis

Jerome Ralph

Bradley Remick

Patricia Renehan

Patrick Rice

Estelle Richman

Steve Rossman

Harvey and Maddy Rovinsky

Anna Russo

Kurt A. Schertle

Allyson Schwartz

Mark S. Schweiker

Stephen and Patty Segal

Margaret Shapiro

Dr. Kathleen M. Shaw

David Silbermann

Ellen Solms

Leslie Spina

Bonnie Squires

Andrea and James Stewart

Margaret Szczurek

Michelle Taglialatela

Emily Thalheimer-Reiner

Sharon Thompson

Robert and Jane Toll

Kathy Trainor

James Waddington, Jr.

Ken and Judy Weinstein

Marlene Weinstein

Harriet Weiss

Constance and Sankey Williams

Andy Williford, VP

Carol Wong

Steven Wray

Natalie Yuengel

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