The Early Education Quality Improvement Program

High Quality Leadership Community of Practice

Are You Looking to Address The Needs of The Families You Serve?

All past or present EQUIP providers are invited to participate in Community of Practice (COP) for early learning leaders. This is a no-cost peer-led group, facilitated by First Up EQUIP Coaches and is intended to support meaningful dialogue with like-minded owners and directors who face similar opportunities, and obstacles. Monthly meetings will provide opportunities to find solutions to challenges and to participate in professional development opportunities at no cost!

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What is the EQUIP?

The Early Education Quality Improvement Program is an initiative that is managed by First Up and funded by the William Penn Foundation.

EQUIP is designed to help support Philadelphia childcare programs as they move from STAR level 2 to STAR level 3.

EQUIP Provides :

  • Individualized support to help programs achieve goals as they continue along their Quality Improvement journey to Star 3 or 4.
  • Support as a pipeline for Centers and FCC providers as they embark on quality improvement.
  • Opportunity for providers to look at the quality of their CQI plan from a holistic approach.
  • Providing an opportunity for directors and teachers to connect and network.

Providing Support Through:

  • High-level coaching for teachers and administrators​
  • Free professional development ​
  • Free Program Assessments to help identify instructional, environmental, and administrative strengths and to inform next steps and goals for the CQI plan​
  • Program Improvement Funds​
  • Opportunities to observe live classroom practices and to hear from STAR 3 and STAR 4 program directors​
  • Opportunities to participate in Teacher learning Circles, Director Learning Circles, and Communities of Practices​
  • Case Management
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Want to learn more about EQUIP ? Watch our information session below!

Inviting STAR 2 Program Providers to apply! EQUIP (Early Childhood Quality Improvement Project) supports Philadelphia ECE centers and family childcare programs desiring to move from STAR level 2 to 3 or 4 through coaching, training, and program evaluation.


Benefits include:

  • High-level coaching for teachers and administrators
  • Coaching support to move from STAR 2 to a STAR 3 or4
  • Free professional development
  • Funds to support and sustain Quality Improvement
  • Opportunities for teachers to observe high-quality classrooms
  • Free program assessments including PAS, BAS, ECWES, ERS to support Continuous Quality Improvement Plans
  • Communities of Practice Peer Learning Circles to support leadership and teaching practices
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