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Registration Information

As a part of First Up’s ongoing commitment to promoting equity in early childhood education, we have shifted our conference rates from a traditional one price point model to a sliding scale model.

There are three levels of ticketing available for this event: Donor, Full Price, and Sliding Scale.

Donor tickets not only cover the cost of the conference attendance for the individual, they also provide an additional contribution that allows First Up to offset the cost of sliding scale tickets.

Full Price tickets cover all of the costs associated with your attendance but does not provide support for others to attend.

Sliding Scale tickets are for those for whom it would create a significant burden or hardship to pay the full price, and uses redistributed money from those who can afford to pay more to offset the costs of attendance.

This information is not being tracked or recorded by First Up for any purpose and will never be shared with any individual or organization.  All registration levels will receive the same access to the First Up Conference. It is at the sole discretion of each registrant which price point feels most in line with their available resources. For additional information about how this model was developed or with any questions, please reach out to Rebecca Tyrrell.

Conference Rates

Donor Ticket: $100
Full Price Ticket: $50
Sliding Scale Ticket: $25

Additional Registration Information

Group Discounts are only available for groups of 20 or more individuals. To take advantage of a group discount please e-mail Drew Martin.

Refunds are not guaranteed. All refund requests must be submitted in writing by 2/26/21 and include the name of each registrant, organization/person receiving the refund, and current mailing address. Any refund request made after 2/26/21 will not be honored. All cancelled registrations will incur a $5 processing fee.

Exchanges of an attendee can be done for free by phone until Wednesday, 3/3/21 at 5:00 p.m. EST.

Please call the First Up Office at 215-893-0130 with questions.