Teacher Wellness Project

A Comprehensive Wellness Program


Teachers, now more than ever, are experiencing higher workloads, inadequate pay, and limited time in addition to increased experiences of grief, loss, and economic hardship. These various stresses can impact their relationships with the children and families they work with. A teacher's own social and emotional well-being can impact the quality of care, nurturing, and education in the classroom.

The Teacher Wellness Project aims to support early childhood teachers’ ability to provide high-quality care by directly addressing the personal wellness needs of educators. By providing FREE direct access to wellness support to address the social and emotional needs experienced by teachers, we hope to decrease the impact of burnout and professional fatigue. Thus, further empowering teachers’ ability to provide quality impactful nurturing and care to their children, families, and themselves.

The Project connects and partners with culturally responsive, social justice-oriented agencies and providers offering various wellness supports and modalities like therapy/counseling, yoga, meditation, art services and supplies.

What is the Teacher Wellness Program?

For healthy growth, we must water the roots. Who is watering your roots?

According to NCES, 59% of children 5 and under attended “at least one weekly nonparental care arrangement." We also know that the first few years of a child’s life are integral for their health and development. It is important children are in safe, loving spaces where they can develop their social, emotional, and educational needs. Early Childhood educators and providers hold the unique position of providing the foundation upon which a child’s ongoing educational and socialization experiences are built. In order to facilitate these goals, teacher wellness must be a priority.

Teachers, now more than ever, are experiencing higher workloads, inadequate pay, and limited time in addition to increased experiences of grief, loss, and economic hardship. These various stresses can impact their relationships with the children and families they work with. A teacher's own social and emotional well-being can impact the quality of care, nurturing, and education in the classroom.

Favorable work conditions, rest, and leisure are recognized human rights! Teachers are essential and deserve holistic care and wellness in life and at work.

“For children to learn well, the ECE professionals who teach them must be well”


Teacher Wellness Project Provides FREE Mental Wellness Support

Connect with us for a range of support from counseling, therapy, and group sessions! Receive help accessing individualized mental health support from a curated list of providers who identify as culturally competent, LBGTQIA-affirming, and trauma-informed. Providers specialize in various therapeutic models

Teacher Wellness Project Provides Physical Wellness Support

Life can take a toll on our physical health, that's why we offer a range of modalities like yoga, breathing techniques, art and movement classes, in-center and virtual group yoga classes, and much much more!

  • Yoga
    • In studio, virtual, or on location (yoga in the ‘classroom’ space as a benefit to the teacher and the class)
  • Massage
    • In studio or on the job
  • Arts and Movement

Teacher Wellness Project Provides Wellness At Work

ECE professionals are often short on time.

Wellness does not have to wait. Healthy, sustainable wellness happens over time; this includes during the workday. Wellness at work is possible and necessary, and we provide those ways through wellness microbursts. Teacher Wellness Kits, green spaces, and group texting supports for daily reminders of wellness.


  • Teacher-Focused Wellness Kits
    • Play is not just for children. These wellness kits encourage teachers to play on purpose! Included are tools such as: adult coloring books, stress putty, etc. along with a teacher-focused wellness curriculum explaining the items, their use, and ways to use them throughout the day alongside activities the students are already engaging in.
  • Green Spaces
    • Whether they are purifying the air or facilitating a more serene environment, plants are known to have many palliative properties. Adding a plant(s) to your classroom space is another way to infuse joy and give an opportunity to relax, relate and connect, even for a moment.
  • Opt-in Affirmation/Iffirmation Texting Service
    • Sometimes, wellness looks like solidarity and community! A comforting word or funny meme from a peer who understands may be just what you need to get to the next task. This service brings quick peer support right to your phone!

Teacher Wellness Project Provides Wellness On-The-Go

Take wellness with you, with our Wellness On-The-Go options that include gift cards to local coffee shops, community resources, and much more to keep wellness a daily part of your day!

  • Gift or punch cards to a local coffee or tea shops
  • Community Resource Building
    • Peer Led (platform) where ECE providers can exchange knowledge about resources and other possible supports available. (First up resource page as well as an editable list)
    • A case management style support in curating a list of community supports available to support the presenting needs of families and children enrolled in participating ECE programs.

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