We envision a world where all children have access to
the highest quality care and education.
The work we do advances that vision.
We hope you will join us in its fulfillment by lending
 your support.

You can designate your donation to First Up to the following funds:

General Fund: The General Fund is our main pool of resources that supports all aspects of First Up’s work including our programs, advocacy, community partnerships, and running our day-to-day operations. Contributions to First Up’s General Fund will provide us with the flexibility to continue to advance our mission, championing high quality early care and education for children from birth to age 8 in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Teacher Professional Development Fund: Established in 2019, First Up’s Teacher Professional Development Fund was created to honor the memory of Phyllis Kohn and Lou Warren-Groomes, two extraordinary First Up staff who devoted their careers to supporting early childhood education teachers in the development of their careers. All contributions will support our outreach to make professional development available to every member of the ECE community in the Philadelphia region. If you wish, your gift to the First Up Teacher Professional Development Fund may be made in honor or in memory of a special teacher in your life, or made in memory of Lou Warren-Groomes or Phyllis Kohn.

Celebrate Teachers Fund: Your donation will be put to work immediately to help us continue to provide the expertise and training that enable early childhood educators to effectively and safely care for and educate children, meet the needs of families, and protect staff.  Every dollar raised for the Celebrate Teachers Fund will also help us press our state legislators to provide dedicated and substantial investments in child care and early learning so this essential workforce of early childhood educators can continue to support children, families and our regional economy throughout the pandemic and beyond.